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We Create Custom Augmented Reality and Video Experiences for Industry



In manufacturing and industrial settings Augmented Reality provides incredible opportunities with applications in the plant, in the field, and in marketing channels. Video options allow for clear communication and increased comprehension of your message. WildeSpark helps you determine the ideal approach based on your goals and directs the development from concept to implementation.


Augmented Reality

A test by GE of Augmented Reality (AR) in manufacturing found that workers completed their task 16% faster. AR blends the digital and real worlds in a way that engages workers, improves efficiency, and reduces errors. For sales and marketing teams it provides memorable insights that go far beyond words. 

3D Cinemation Videos

Studies show that video is 5x more engaging than photos and dramatically improve comprehension. In situations where encased parts make it difficult to highlight benefits 3D video is an ideal solution while Cinemation is ideal for illustrating case studies. 


Augmented Reality and 3D Cinemation Video Applications

How can you apply AR and video to improve efficiency or increase sales in your company? Here is a brief list of the possibilities:

MANUFACTURING/INDUSTRIAL – Education & Training, Construction and Architecture, Medical Device, Facilities Management, Design, Prototyping, User Manuals, Manufacturing, Field Service, Customer Service

SALES/MARKETING – Sales Collateral, Trade Shows, Demonstrations, Engagement, Trade Magazines, In Store, Performance Audits, Packaging, Entertainment

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