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  • 2020 Trend Report

    Imagine being able to look into a crystal ball and clearly see the what the future holds. While that may not be possible, Futurist Daniel Burrus built his Anticipatory Organization model around paying close attention to "Hard Trends" and "Soft Trends". Trend Hunters takes a slightly different approach, but still outlines what it believes are going to be some of the top trends expected to be in 2020. At WildeSpark, we leverage both approaches in helping clients determine ...

  • Augmented Reality Increases Efficiency 16% in Industry

    This test by GE of AR (augmented reality) in manufacturing found that workers completed their task 16% faster. From training and manufacturing to creating amazing customer experiences, AR can make a big impact.

  • Inspiring Quote - Two Functions

    Marketing and innovation both take great ideas and fresh approaches in order to be successful. X-IDEA makes it easy to create breakthrough ideas.

  • What are the top marketing trends?

    Check out this inspiring list created by TrendHunter of the Top 100 Marketing Trends. Use it to spark your imagination, or better yet, let us spark ideas for you in our lab leveraging innovation tools, trends, and technology. With our micro-innovation approach it is your way to future-proof your business with less risk and greater ROI.