Strategic Innovation & Marketing ACCELERATORS

What We do

We future-proof companies with less risk and higher reward through micro-innovation

Imagine being able to take advantage of the latest technological advancement and apply them to your organization without the extreme cost of R&D and in-house staff. Leveraging the latest ideas to create products and services your customer will value. 

WildeSpark helps SMBs future-proof their organizations by not only collaborating to develop new products, services, and experiences, but to also market them. 

We parThis minimizes risk while amplifying reward.

Our Process 

We meet with you to analyze your market, goals and capabilities. Then we develop breakthrough ideas, including leveraging IP from major universities, to provide potential solutions. Once developed we can also help you effectively market the new products or services. In short, it becomes a micro-innovation ecosystem that doesn't disrupt your current business. The ecosystem consists of 3 main areas:

The Value Innovation part of the ecosystem consists of creating:

  • Micro-Product Innovations
  • Micro-Service Innovations
  • Micro-Customer Experiences

The Brand Innovation part of the ecosystem consists of creating:

  • Micro-Marketing Campaigns
  • Micro-Influencers
  • Micro-Moments

At the core of these ecosystems is Micro-Innovation Leadership

  • Innovation Team and Managerial Assessments
  • Innovation Process Design Training 

Accelerate ideas, solutions and revenue

Through WildeSpark's streamlined, systematic innovation processes, we collaborate to solve your challenges and accelerate results – creating real competitive advantage and shortening development cycles.

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