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Why Choose Us

99% of people and companies suffer from a world of sameness. Do you want to make an impact, to stand out from the crowd, and have fun doing it? Then get WildeSpark!

Every day, companies miss out on opportunities because they are "invisible" to the market or too entrenched to see new waves of growth. Our systematic approach to strategy and innovation accelerates the impact you make and the revenue you create by making you more agile allowing you to see beyond the horizon. We help generate more and better ideas, shorten product or service development cycles, and establish clear, competitive advantage. Our team building solutions improve happiness and productivity, reduce conflict and increase training effectiveness.

Our clients view us as a collaborative performance partner. 

We re-energize and engage the entire company using time-tested collaborative tools and methods. We become your partner in innovation, team-building and executive development to drive greater customer experiences and better business results.

We provide leadership and tools for:

Certified Thinkergy Innovation Trainers 

WildeSpark is one of the few companies in the U.S. certified to train using the breakthrough Thinkergy innovation method and tools. Founded in 2005, Thinkergy provides a leading systematic innovation, problem solving, and ideation approach used by some of the top companies in the world - improving their agility and ability to be more competitive and shorten product or service development cycles.

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