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Why It Matters

Why does innovation matter? The 228% difference.

When comparing the stock performance of design-focused companies the Design Value Index showed that over 10 years, shares of design-centric firms (such as Target, Walt Disney or Nike) beat the S&P index by 228%.

Almost 90% of businesses believe innovation is critical to success, however most admit they don’t do it effectively. So why does it matter? Creativity and Innovation accelerate profitable revenue growth, enhance capabilities and increase customer engagement. 

Shoot for the moon! 

In May, 1961, President John F. Kennedy proposed "to accelerate the development of the appropriate lunar space craft" to land a man on the moon before the end of the decade. That goal sparked a wave of scientific and technical innovations never seen before. What drove that success was the vision. What is your moon shot? 

Innovation is the path to growth 

A company that embraces a creative and innovative mindset is on the path to growth. From top to bottom, innovation will help you discover a much better way of doing things — more productive, more responsive, more inclusive, even more fun. The result is an edge in the market that makes you more competitive and generates more revenue.

Creativity plus Action = Innovation 

Innovation always starts with creativity. A company that wants to see more innovation needs to encourage and support its employees to come up with novel, relevant and meaningful ideas. However, having an idea alone is not good enough. It takes action to bring ideas to life. But as Lee Iacocca noted in the quote below, that isn’t easy.

"Corporate culture needs to encourage employees to come up with ideas and take the necessary action steps to win support in order for innovation to take place."

Being a Creative Rebel is Critical! 

The companies that think differently stand out from the crown and make an impact. Innovating your innovation allows you to:

  • Be more competitive
  • Have more fun
  • Provide solutions instead of problems
  • Be seen as the “go to” person
  • Raise your corporate visibility – advance in your company
  • Be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things
  • Embrace change
  • Look forward to challenges
  • Have happier more energized team
  • Be more willing to take risks
  • Add life to whatever you do

What is your competitive edge? 

The world is evolving faster than ever. It's changing the very nature of how we live, work and play. To be competitive you to become more adept and agile. 

Innovative companies and individuals create meaningful new value. They develop things that are novel, relevant, appropriate, worthwhile and highly useful. To be more actionable they:

  • Incorporate an innovation process. Having a systematic approach, like X-IDEA, for solving problems, developing ideas and putting them into action saves time and eliminates wasteful spending. 
  • Keep teams small and efficient. By using assessment tools, such as TIPS Innovation Profiles, they including only the people who are essential to project teams. As a result, teams run smoothly and effectively without being weighed down by those who don't have relevant skills.
  • Make shorter deadlines. By keeping to shorter, yet still reasonable, deadlines, they increase the chances of more streamlined and effective projects and problem solving.

When will you stop standing still? Be "creative by design" and make the world a better place?

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“It is very difficult for ideas to survive in the modern corporation. They have to survive politics, lack of understanding, envy, theft, lack of funding and other resources, as well as just plain corporate inertia. The more we can make our companies a fertile breeding ground for new ideas the better”. 

– Lee Iacocca, former CEO of Chrysler