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We Specialize in Accelerating Business Innovation and Creativity for Tech Companies to Generate More Value with Less Risk and Greater Reward!

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Our systematic innovation, team building, and marketing approach enhances creativity and leverages customer insights and trends to create remarkable customer value.

WildeSpark helps technology and business enterprises make future-focused transformations without disrupting current revenue streams. We amplify your strengths and create long-term value by creating continuous advancements in products, services, and customer experiences, and then helping to market them,

Ignite your team! Ignite your brand! Ignite the world!

Value Creation

Create competitive edge through products, services and customer experiences.

Brand Innovation

Micro-marketing strategies that make you stand out and get audiences to respond.

Training / Facilitation

Build a team of creative 'Einsteins" by teaching systematic problem-solving.

"Now that's innovation" NEWS

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Tips – Designed for the Age of Innovation

Maximize Talent & Discover Strengths

What profile are you? TIPS is a breakthrough talent profiling assessment system created for today's "age of innovation". It has over 20 applications including maximizing talent, reducing conflict, improving training effectiveness, and increasing innovation success.


See Innovation Case Studies

Thinkergy's X-IDEA and TIPS methodologies are currently being used by some of the world's top global companies including BMW, Nestle, Mattel, Deutsche Bank, GreenPeace, BASF, Kimberly-Clark, and many more. WildeSpark is one of the only companies in the U.S. certified in X-IDEA and TIPS training. Contact us for case study examples to see how others have gained a competitive edge.

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