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How We Create For You - accelerating ideas, solutions, and revenue

Imagine being able to take advantage of the latest technological advancements and apply them to your organization without the extreme cost of in-house R&D. WildeSpark helps you leverage the latest ideas to create revenue through products and services your customers will value, and then we help you cost-effectively market them. Our streamlined, systematic innovation processes solve your challenges and accelerate results – giving you REAL competitive advantage and shorter development cycles.

Value Creation

We accelerate the product and service development by using a systematic thinking approach that includes exploring trends, challenging assumptions and turning a large quantity of ideas in to critically-evaluated quality concepts.

Brand Innovation

Our brand building approach starts with our "power model": principles, purpose, people, personal, perceptions and product, and incorporates five branding disciplines: 

  • Distinctiveness - Stands out from competitors
  • Relevance - products and messages match identity
  • Memorability - making your brand sticky
  • Expandability - can be expanded into other messages and products
  • Depth - can be communicated with different types of customers

This approach generates the strongest audience response, telling the world about your product or service in a way that prompts them to take action.  

How We Help You Be More Creative - dynamic team building

This is where we teach your teams how to fish. We provide dynamic, interactive training on innovative idea generation (X-IDEA), creative leadership (Genius Journey), and innovative team building (TIPS Profiles). These systematic methods have been developed and tested for over a decade and generated outstanding results for some of the top companies in the world.

Team Building / Training / Facilitation

As certified Thinkergy trainers we train organizations how to use human capital to its fullest potential. Our interactive, high-energy approach engages employees, creates quality ideas faster, improves teamwork and problem-solving skills, and develops creative leaders.

  • X-IDEA: Innovation Process Training – The prime system for reliably producing creative, innovative, and actionable ideas
  • GENIUS JOURNEY: Creative Leadership Training – Training executives how to become innovative leaders
  • TIPS Profile Assessment: Innovative Team Building – Discovering how our styles to think and innovate fit best within team dynamics to accelerate collaboration and change culture (Learn more)

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