WildeSpark is a Business Creativity and Innovation Accelerator Specializing in Technology Companies!

It starts with a spark!

Sparks ignite! They are what grow into dramatic events, revolutions, passionate affairs, and the greatest inventions ever known. Innovations and ideas are the same. They start small but can lead to amazing breakthroughs that fuel growth.

For our clients, we are collaborators who ignite revenue through a systematic, future-focused approach. We become your partner in strategy, innovation, marketing, and team-building to create greater value for your customers and your company.

We understand technology and trends

We energize and engage clients with transformational concepts and strategies that take advantage of trends and technology to expand the possibilities for your organization’s future. These technologies—such as AI, virtual reality, Internet of Things (IoT), nanotechnology, 3D printing, robotics, and others—have the potential to dramatically impact any organization.

We turn tech 'nerds' into creative 'Einsteins'

Some of the best technology people are also highly creative, but it doesn't always come naturally. Their left-brained passion for numbers, structure, and data is perfect for some jobs, but it can limit their ability to think 'out-of-the-box' and become effective creative problem solvers. Our systematic approach to innovation training and team-building is specifically designed to break them out of their shell and provide highly effective techniques that increase innovation outputs by over 300%.

Our focus is on driving growth through three types of innovation

1. Value Creation – Focusing on producing new, original and —in particular— meaningful value creation

  • Products
  • Services
  • Customer
  • Experience

2. Brand Innovation – Making an innovative value offering more appealing through a strong brand and exclusive image, thus allowing for higher prices and profit margins

  • Brand & Image 
  • Promotion & Campaign 
  • Package Design

2. Creative Training & Innovation Team Building – We train your team to become highly skilled problem solvers and creative thinkers.

  • Innovation & Creative Problem Solving Training
  • Creative Team Building & Conflict Resolution
  • Innovation Strategy Facilitation

We are Certified Thinkergy Innovation Trainers

WildeSpark is one of the only companies in the U.S. certified in Thinkergy's breakthrough innovation methods. Thinkergy provides a systematic innovation, problem solving, and ideation approach used by some of the top organizations in the world including BMW, Nestle, Mattel, Deutsche Bank, Kimberly-Clark, Bosch, Greenpeace and more – dramatically improving their ability to solve challenges and be more competitive.

For a complete training course descriptions, contact us for details:

  • X-IDEA: The Know How of Wow Innovation Process – The prime system for reliably producing creative, innovative and actionable ideas
  • GENIUS JOURNEY: Unleashing Creative Leaders – Training executives how to become innovative leaders
  • TIPS: Innovation Profiling System Assessment – Discovering where and how one's strengths best serve innovation and business goals

Start Thinking Differently.

If you have questions about how our solutions can help your company think and do things differently, contact us for a personal consultation.

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